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Criminology Notes EXAM 2 - victim. - King Hamarabi wrote a...

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CRIMINOLOGY NOTES EXAM 2 Theories of Crime: A theory is a formalized explanation of something of interest that should be falsifiable and have degree of predictability, - Falsifiable - Some degree of predictability There are theories which are detrministic and ones that are probabilistic. DETRIMINISTIC - If you have factors A and B, you will ALWAYS get C. - Often challenged in Criminology. PROBABILISTIC - If you have A and B, you are MORE LIKELY to get C. - Most used in Criminology/ Soc. ** A good theory is one composed for the 4 Correlates of Crime. LOOK at TIMELINE Supernatural explanations of crime: - Demons - Gods - Ghosts - Soothsayers * Was believed that crimes harmed the individual committing the crime more than the
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Unformatted text preview: victim. - King Hamarabi wrote a series of laws of these committing crimes THE ORIGINS OF CRIMiNOLOGY * Early 1800's - Jeremy Bentham - Cesare Beccaria ----- EARLIEST CRIMINOLOGISTS-------Classical Framework - Motivation underlying all social action must be utilitarian value of that action * Means: Any motivation should serve purpose.- Crime is an injury to society - Prevention of crime is more important than its punishment * Means: Crime can be prevented- Secret accusations of torture should be eliminated * Means: No More Torture- The only valid purpose of punishment is deterence, not revence- Incarceration should be used more widely * Means: More Jails....
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Criminology Notes EXAM 2 - victim. - King Hamarabi wrote a...

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