2116 calgc specific heat of gas 01359 calgc heat of

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Unformatted text preview: Which of the following describes a chemical property of a substance? A. has a blue color B. boils at of 37°C C. reacts with water D. is made up of ions E. has a molar mass of 79.28 grams 8. Which of the following terms describes the phase change from a gas to a liquid? A. sublimation B. condensation C. deposition D. evaporation E. melting The following data corresponds to phase changes of Freon: Melting point = - 111.1°C, Boiling point = 23.75°C, specific heat of liquid = 0.2116 cal/g*°C, specific heat of gas = 0.1359 cal/g*°C, heat of fusion = 13.75 cal/g, heat of vaporization = 43.86 cal/g Wesley Minor Mock exam 1 9. Which of the following is closest to the amount of heat required to warm 32.7 grams of Freon from - 20°C to 10°C?...
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