When a substance consists of three different types of

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Unformatted text preview: A has a larger heat of fusion than material B B. Material B is more dense than material A C. Material A has a larger volume than material B D. Material B has a larger specific heat value than material A E. Material A gained more mass than material B 4. When a substance consists of three different types of molecules, evenly distributed, which of the following terms would best describe this substance? A. ionic compound B. element C. pure substance D. homogeneous mixture E. heterogeneous mixture 5. 1 x 106 grams could also be described as a A. kilogram B. milligram C. microgram D. nanogram E. megagram 6. Which state(s) of matter have a definite volume? A. solid B. liquid C. gas D. liquid and gas E. solid and liquid 7....
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