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In other words the function should consider a sub

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Unformatted text preview: o, if you wanted to access the 2nd channel (green) of the pixel at row 30 and column 50 in the image im, you would do: imData[30][50][1] Once you are done with this function, test it in your main function with the following arguments: bool x = colorMatch(83, 372, 11, 22); bool y = colorMatch(209, 399, 9, 49); The value of x should be true, and y should be false. Task 2 – Draw Rectangle For this task, set your image output file name to “output2.bmp”. In this task, you will write a function to draw a white rectangle on the image im. Your function should have the following signature: void rectangle(int r, int c, int w, int h); The location (r,c) should be the row and column of the bottom- left corner of the rectangle, and w and h will be the width and height respectively. To draw the rectangle, you should paint the corresponding pixels white. Remember...
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