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So you dont have to worry about that for the meantime

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Unformatted text preview: have finished playing around with your image, this is the file in which your modified image will be written out. You can easily change this to write it out to a different file name. Once you have made the modifications above, compile your code as follows: g++ -o lab4 lab4.cpp imageIO.cpp -lfreeimage Then run your program. After the program finishes execution, check out your directory using the ls command. There should be a new file there, called output.bmp. Now open up PSFTP again. For this lab, it is recommended that you keep PSFTP running along with PuTTY, because you will need to get your written images to see what they look like. Download the output.bmp file from your Linux folder and check it out. It should be an exact copy of the map.bmp image that you uploaded in your Linux folder. If that is so, congratulations! You’re all set to go! Task 1 – Comparing...
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