The compilation for this task will also be a little

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Unformatted text preview: ak this down into a series of small and easy steps, and you’ll get some real practice with multi- dimensional arrays and realize how useful functions can be. You’ve been provided with two files – imageIO.h and imageIO.cpp. You need to download both these files from LMS and push them onto your Linux folder where you’ll be working on this lab. The compilation for this task will also be a little different, but more details on that a bit later. Images We’re going to be dealing with RGB images in this lab. RGB essentially stands for Red- Green- Blue. You might recall that these three are called the “primary colors”. Every other color can be made by mixing and matching the primary colors. The image is made up of a rectangular array of very small units called pixels. Each pixel has only one color. Hence, the color of every pixel can be completely described by three numbers...
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