The expression x 0 is a boolean expression the

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Unformatted text preview: , you only want to draw the outline of the rectangle. Do not completely fill up the rectangular region with white! Think carefully about which pixels you should set to be pure white. Work it out on paper before you start setting pixels on the canvas to be white. You should modify the global 3D array called imData to do this. Once you think you have it done, simply call your function from your main function with some arguments. However, make sure that the rectangle you pass it is completely contained within the image! To see the width and height of the image, simply open up the map.bmp file in windows, and see what the dimensions of the image are. To see your output, download the “output2.bmp” file via PSFTP and have a look. Task 3 – Match Region For this task, you will implement the function below: bool regionMatch(int r, int c); This function should go to the locat...
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