The good thing about this lab is that you are already

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Unformatted text preview: – R, G and B. All three of these numbers can have values ranging from 0 to 255. We say that the image has three “channels”. Red, green and blue are all one channel each. Now, we know that every pixel is completely defined by 3 numbers. And the pixels themselves form a 2D array. Hence, you can think of the entire image being represented by a 3D array, with the three dimensions representing row, column and channel. Note that the bottom- left pixel of an image is the pixel with coordinates (0,0). If a pixel is in row r and column c, then its coordinates are (r,c). The bottom- most row is row number 0, and the left- most column is column number 0. The good thing about this lab is that you are already given starter code. You should download the file called lab4.cpp from LMS and push it to your folder on the Linux server. DO NOT CHANGE THE CODE THAT IS ALREADY THERE!! Ju...
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