Your function should have the following signature void

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Unformatted text preview: colors You should notice immediately that we’re using a lot of global variables in the lab4.cpp file. How do you know that they’re global? Which variables are global and which are not? What the frack are global variables anyway? DO NOT PROCEED BEYOND THIS POINT IF YOU CANNOT ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS! Now, the code provided to you already loads two images into memory. So you don’t have to worry about that. For the meantime, worry about writing this function: bool colorMatch(int imRow, int imCol, int tempRow, int tempCol); This function should compare the pixel present at the position (imRow, imCol) in the image im with the pixel at location (tempRow, tempCol) in the image temp. If the colors are exactly the same, the function should return true. Otherwise, it should return false. Remember, imData is a 3D array containing the data for im, and tempData is the 3D array containing the data for temp. The 3 dimensions of both arrays are in the following order: row, column, channel. S...
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