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EXTRA CREDIT ESSAY: You may turn in a short essay to earn extra credit (20 points) in the course. This essay will be a written critique or analysis of a current newspaper or magazine article (of your choice) that pertains to the field of Biology. For the essay, write a one to two page, typed, double-spaced analysis of the article which 1) briefly summarizes the article, 2) places the topic in context with the course, and 3) explores ramifications of the topic in terms of its impact on people or
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Unformatted text preview: the environment. This is not meant to be personal essay about how you feel about the subject. Choose an article that interests you. The New York Times has an excellent science section on Tuesdays, the Bellingham Herald has less than stellar science reporting, and several magazines often have articles pertaining to science (Time, Newsweek, The Economist, Harper’s, The Atlantic to name a few). You must provide a reference (source and date) for the article you have analyzed....
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