ini5ally it was considered an easy problem marvin

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Unformatted text preview: s a lot of intui5on and feeling Learns and adapts very quickly from his mistakes Can get bored, fa5gued, loss of concentra5on Highly intelligent Selec5ve searching of posi5ons }༇  }༇  }༇  }༇  }༇  }༇  }༇  Can evaluate about 200,000,000 posi5ons per second Small chess knowledge, high computa5on ability Uses only computa5ons Not a learning system (machine learning algorithms were not used) Not affected by feelings such as Kasparov’s stare Dumber than a 2 year old Brute- force evalua5on of all moves hhp:// Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Motivation Machines Compute Humans Perceive Can percep)on arise from computa)on? Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Why is Perception DifPicult for Computational Machines? }༇  Example Problem: }༇  Given an image, search through all possible sub- windows and iden5fy those which contain a human face Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Face Detection Problem Computer Vision ...
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