Computer vision fall 2013 computer vision fall 2013

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Unformatted text preview: Aristotle Computer Vision Scien5st: “How do we build a machine to do that?” Scien5fically unsa5sfactory }༇  }༇  }༇  }༇  MOUNTAIN What is “what”? What is “where”? Ongoing inves5ga5on }༇  SKY FOLIAGE Iden5fica5on Localiza5on Computer Vision – Fall 2013 WALL MAN FENCE What is Computer Vision }༇  “The goal of Computer Vision is to make useful decisions about real physical objects and scenes based on sensed images” Image IN Image Processing Image OUT Symbolic Info IN Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Image IN Computer Graphics Computer Vision Image OUT Symbolic Decision OUT What is computer vision? Optics Artificial Intelligence Robotic Control Statistics Geometry Machine Learning Image Processing Computer Vision Surveillance Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Virtual Reality Neurobiology Medical Imaging Document Analysis Why is computer vision hard? }༇  }༇  }༇  Computers are good at numerical processing Humans are good at perceptual processing We want to use a computer to mimic human percep5on… which is complex to understand Computer Vision – Fall 2013 The Complexity of Perception The Complexity of Perception Computer Vision – Fa...
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