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Unformatted text preview: Fall 2013 Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Why is pattern recognition hard? }༇  }༇  Your descrip5on should be invariant to pose, 3D rota5on, occlusion, race, gender }༇  Computer Vision – Fall 2013 To write an algorithm, you may need to precisely define a human face The descrip5on should hold for all faces and nothing which is not a face should match the descrip5on IMPOSSIBLE? “If it were not for the human existence proof, we would have given up a long 5me ago” State of the Art in Face Detection Viola/Jones Face Detector (2001): Using implementation in OpenCV Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Results of Schneiderman/Kanade Face Detector Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Face Detection Demo Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Some Problems in Computer Vision Solving Sub- problems }༇  The study of Computer Vision started with the effort of trying to make complete visual understanding systems }༇  }༇...
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