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Unformatted text preview: ll 2013 By Edward Adelson, 1995 Perception Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Perception Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Perception Ref: Light and Vision: LIFE Science Library Computer Vision – Fall 2013 What is this? Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Computer Vision – Fall 2013 The Complexity of Perception Computer Vision – Fall 2013 The complexity of images It seems like a hopeless task to be able to write a program to interpret these images Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Writing Programs that “See” An Example Motivation Humans have highly sophis5cated capabili5es of sensing the environment, interpre5ng it and taking ac5ons accordingly }༇  Human Percep5on: “the process of a8aining awareness or understanding of sensory informa)on” }༇  Can machines have similar capabili5es? }༇  }༇  Can we write algorithms for percep5on? Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Motivation Machines Compute Humans Perceive Can percep)on arise from computa)on? Computer Vision – Fall 2013 Gary Kasparov vs. Deep Blue (1997) }༇  }༇  }༇  }༇  }༇  }༇  }༇  Can evaluate about 3 posi5ons per second Large chess ‘knowledge’, low computa5on ability Use...
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