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Cpp and create your main function in there you can

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Unformatted text preview: submitted files should have a main function in them. Your functions will be thoroughly tested with OUR main function, and if any part of your code has a main function, the grader will not grade your assignment. If you want to make your own main functions to test your code, the recommended way is to make a separate file called main.cpp, and create your main function in there. You can then compile your task files and your main.cpp file together into one executable, and then run that, so when you finally submit your task files, there is no main function in them. There is a file on LMS titled Assignment2.h. This header file contains function declarations for all the functions you will be implementing in this assignment. You will need to download this file to your Linux folder and include it in every cpp file that you write. This will allow you to call functions implemented in other files from your main.cpp file. Your final submissions should not have anything else included. Please don’t put this assignment off till the last moment. It is extremely lengthy, and you have only one week to do it. • • If everyone scores extremely high on the assignment, the weightage for that assignment is reduced. Which means that the in- lab midterm and final weightage will i...
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