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In humans billions of cells die each day in mainly in

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Unformatted text preview: billions of cells die each day, In mainly in the blood and in the epithelia lining organs such as the intestine. organs Meiosis (a type of cell division) allows Meiosis organisms to shuffle their genes. organisms Even the Prokaryotes Do It Even 20 - 40 min Atala Favorable acanti Conditions V Cell Cycle Cell Regulation RB RB Chromosome A chromosome is an organized structure of DNA and protein Organization Organization -ve Charge 1.65 Turns +ve Charge Centrosome Mitosis Mitosis Continued Mitosis The Glue The Cytokinesis Cytokinesis Karyotype Meiosis I Meiosis Meiosis I Continued Meiosis Meiosis II Meiosis Meiosis II Continued Meiosis The Comparison The 2X 2X The The Common Mistake We Don’t Need You We...
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