Alternation of generations means the alteration of a

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Unformatted text preview: micropipes called vessels 2. “Alternation of Generations” means the alteration of a haploid multicellular organism (gametophyte) & diploid multicellular organism (sporophyte). gametophyte- sporophyte- gametophyte- sporophyte 3. An angiosperm is a flowering plant, which forms a seed inside a protective chamber called an ovary. With few expectations, angiosperms & other vascular plants rely completely on both root & shoot systems; two major groups: monocots & eudicots. angiosperms = monocots & eudicots 4. A root is a multicellular organ that anchors a plant to the soil, absorbs minerals & water- may also store carbs or starches. root anchors, absorbs, stores 5. The functions of root hairs are tiny extensions of the root epidermal cells, growing just behind root tips and increasing surface area for absorption of water and minerals. root hairs increase surface area 6. An apical bud is where growth (elongation) is concentrated; found at shoot tip. An axillary bud is a structure that can form lateral shoots (branches); located in upper angle (axil) formed by each leaf and stem. apical bud- elongation axillary bud- forms branches 7. “Apical dominance” refers to the inhibition of axillary buds by an apical bud. apical dominance allows apical bud to grow toward light 8. A simple leaf has a single, undivided blade; some are deeply lobed. A compound leaf has a blade that consists of multiple leaflets. A leaflet has no axillary buds at its base. In a doubly compound leaf, each leaflet is divided into smaller leaflets. *diagram of leaf comparisons 9. The three tissue types that comprise a plant are dermal, vascular, and ground tissue. dermal- plants outer protective covering; 1st line of defense against physical damage, pathogens, & water loss vascular- long distance transport of materials between root & shoot systems (xylem- water,minera...
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