It function is to respond to stresses such as drought

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Unformatted text preview: ave to present for fruit to develop & signal seed to dormancy and germinate 10. The two major functions of the brassinosteroids are that they induce cell elongation and division in stem segments and seedlings; and they slow down leaf abscission (leaf drops) and promote xylem differentiation. brassinosteroids induce cell elongation/division in stems and seedlings and slow down leaf drops & promote xylem differentiation 11. The role of abscic acid in seed dormancy is that high levels of ABA in maturing seeds inhibit germination and induce the production of proteins that help the seed withstand dehydration that accompanies maturation. The role dealing with drought tolerance is that it closes the stomata when the plant begins to wilt. It causes potassium channels in plasma membrane of guard cells to open; cell loses potassium and water follows. abscic acid ensures seeds wont germinate prematurely 12. The three components of triple response of plants to ethylene are slowing of stem elongation, thickening of the stem, and curvature of the stem to start growing horizontally. It function is to respond to stresses such as drought, flooding, mechanical pressure, and infection. three components of triple response- slowing stem elongation, thickening stem, & curving stem horizontally 13. Senescence and fruit ripening are two functions of ethylene. Chapter 52: An Introduction to Ecology and Biosphere 1. E cology - study of how organisms interact with each other and their environment P opulation - group of individuals of the same species that inhabit a particular geographic area C ommunity - all the organisms of the same species that inhabit a particular area E cosystem - all the abiotic factors in addition to the entire community of species that exist in a certain area B iosphere - global ecosystems; the sum of all the plants ecosystems B iogeography - the study of the past and present distribution of species D ispersal - movement of individuals from high population center or area of origin A biotic factors - nonliving; referring to physical and chemic...
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