Ulk flow the movement of a fluid due to a difference

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Unformatted text preview: ater and swelling of the cell due to osmosis force on plant cell wall after osmosis A quaporin - a channel protein in the plasma membrane of a plant, animal, or microorganism cell that specifically facilitates osmosis, the diffusion of water across the membrane S ymplast - in plants, the continuum of cell walls plus the extracellular spaces B ulk flow - the movement of a fluid due to a difference in pressure between two locations T ranspiration - the evaporative loss of water from a plant G uttation - the exudation of water droplets caused by root pressure in certain escape plants S ugar sink - a plant organ that is a net consumer or storer of sugar. Growing roots, shoot tips, stems, and fruits are sugar sinks supplied by phloem 2. The three scales of transport in vascular plants are transport of water and solutes by in individual cells (such as root hairs), short distance transport of substances from cell to cell at the levels of tissues and organs, and long-distance transport within xylem and phloem at the level of the whole plant. three scales of transport in vascular plants are transport of water and solute, short distance transport of substances, and long distance transport within xylem & phloem 3. Passive diffusion is the diffusion of a solute across a membrane down its electrochemical gradient; no metabolic energy is involved. Active transport is the pumping of a solute against its electrochemical gradient; metabolic energy is expended (usually in the form of ATP). passive diffusion solute down electrical gradient; active transport pumping against electrical gradient 4. A proton pump is the most important transport protein in active transport of plants. The proton H+ gradient across the membrane and the voltage difference (membrane potential) are a form of potential energy that can be used by the cell to do work. proton pump = transport protein in active transport 5. This energy can be used for the active transport of different solutes like ions and sucrose by a mechanism called Cotransport. energy = proton H+ gradient...
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