Lecture 10 notes (exam 2 review)

Perhaps the flask and all of the building etc higher

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Unformatted text preview: Heating Temperature is a measure of the thermal energy of a sample. System = the part of the universe under study chemicals in a flask. the coffee in your coffee cup. my textbook. Thermal energy Surroundings = rest of the universe (or as much as needed…) • E of motion of atoms, molecules, and ions. • Atoms of all materials are always in motion. the flask. perhaps the flask and this classroom. perhaps the flask and all of the building, etc. • Higher T = faster motion. Universe = System + Surroundings Calculating Thermodynamic Changes • No subscript? Refers to the system: E = Esystem • E is transferred by heat or by work. • Conservation of energy becomes: ΔE = q + w heat SURROUNDINGS work Heat Capacity Heat capacity = E required to raise the T of an object by 1 C. Varies from material to material. Specific heat capacity (c) • E needed to...
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