Logic Study Guide - 3)P although Q 4)P in addition to Q...

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Logic Study Guide WWF – well formed formulas Examples of WFF’s: Any sentence letter is a wff. So far we have been using p, q and r as sentence letters. In reality, there is an infinite supply of them. We could write p 1 , p 2 , p 3 , and so forth, but we shall stay with p, q, and r. If φ is a wff, then ¬ φ is a wff. f φ and ψ are wffs, then (φ ψ), (φ ψ), (φ → ψ) and (φ ↔ ψ)are wffs. In our formal treatment we always write the brackets. Closure Clause: Nothing else is a wff. This rules out nonsense strings. Note that, though the rules are to distinguish that which could be meaningful from that which is not, the rules are purely syntactic. SENTENTIAL SYMBOLIZATION “AND” and related contructions: 1) P and Q 2) P but Q
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Unformatted text preview: 3)P although Q 4)P in addition to Q 5)P; however, Q 6) P; furthermore, Q 7) P; moreover, Q 8) P; nonetheless, Q 9) P;Q = P & Q Both not-P and not-Q…. ~P&~Q Not both P and Q…. ~(P&Q) “OR” and Related Construction: 1) P or Q or both 2) P unless Q (and equivalent “without” constructions) = P v Q “Not” and related constructions: not,it is not true that, it is not the case that, it is false that : P, is false = ~P “If…Then” and Related constructions: If P, then Q…Q if P…P only if Q… When P, then Q… Q provided that P… Q on the condition that P. . Anything that has Q if P. . = P sideways horshoe Q P if and only if Q, P is necessary and suffiecient for Q = P triple bar Q...
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Logic Study Guide - 3)P although Q 4)P in addition to Q...

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