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Unformatted text preview: erested in buying one of these firms in the next year . To date these firms have not produced products directly competing with Lieber’s skylights but have focused their efforts on heating and insulation products. These firms are well capitalized and have brand names that are synonymous with both quality and “Eco friendly products”. Lieber has hired an environmentally diligent product manager named Jamie Tanney. Jamie researched the market for “eco products” while she was a university student. She completed Prepared by J. Kroeker, 2011© Sauder School of Business, UBC Page 2 her Bachelors degree last month and according to her research the market for any product associated with sustainability is bound to grow dramatically. She has been in contact with her university and knows of new product patent that is available at a one‐time cost of $400,000. This would provide exclusive rights to a technology that assists in the creation of light sensitive glass that could be used in the manufacturing of skylights. The patented technology is of great interest because the glass is predicted to provide a signific...
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