ACC 2203 Syllabus Fall 2012 - TuTh

every student is expected to attend every class to

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Unformatted text preview: n an unprofessional manner in classes will not be tolerated. - Every student is expected to attend every class, to arrive on time, and to remain throughout the entire class session. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to find out what you may have missed from a fellow-student, i.e., not to expect the professor to provide such information. - Please do not talk to others, eat, chew gum loudly, or engage in any other non-professional conduct. In the unlikely event that students are cited for unprofessional conduct, attendance grades will be reduced by the equivalent of multiple missed classes. Counseling and Student Health. Students may occasionally have personal issues that arise in the course of pursuing higher education that may interfere with academic performance. If you are facing problems affecting your coursework, you are encouraged to seek assistance at the Baruch College Counseling Center at 646-312-2158. Academic Honesty. Academic dishonesty is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Cheating, forgery, plagiarism and collusion in dishonest acts undermine the college's educational...
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