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ACC 2203 Syllabus Fall 2012 - TuTh

ACC 2203 Syllabus Fall 2012 - TuTh - ACC 2203 Managerial...

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1 ACC 2203, Managerial Accounting Fall 2012 Stan Ross Department of Accountancy, Baruch College, CUNY Professor : Mehmet Ozbilgin; Office: VC 12-279 Please send email queries to your recitation instructors: Section Days Start Time Room Bldg Instructor E-mail DTA TH 09:00am 1402 23 Jiaxin Liu [email protected] DTB TH 09:00am 1403 23 Yu Zhou [email protected] DTC TH 09:00am 1405 23 Jangwon Suh [email protected] DTD TH 09:00am 1206 23 Sha Zhao [email protected] DTE TH 10:00am 1402 23 Jiaxin Liu [email protected] DTF TH 10:00am 1403 23 Yu Zhou [email protected] DTG TH 10:00am 1405 23 Jangwon Suh [email protected] DTI TH 10:00am 1206 23 Sha Zhao [email protected] DTJ TH 11:00am 1402 23 Jiaxin Liu [email protected] DTK TH 11:00am 1403 23 Yu Zhou [email protected] DTL TH 11:00am 1405 23 Jangwon Suh [email protected] DTM TH 11:00am 1206 23 Sha Zhao [email protected] DTN TH 03:00pm 1402 23 Sha Zhao [email protected] DTO TH 03:00pm 1403 23 Jangwon Suh [email protected] Any email sent to your instructor shall include a short description of your e-mail (e.g., ACC2203 question) in the subject area. Please restrict your emails to issues that (1) cannot be answered by reading the syllabus and (2) that have not been clarified in class or on Blackboard. For example, your recitation instructor will NOT respond to emails about due dates for homework assignments, exam dates, and chapters covered on the exams, or anything that has already been clarified in the ‘Announcements’ section of Blackboard, etc. If your question is detailed (e.g., how to solve a particular problem) or requires a long explanation, please see your recitation instructor in person instead of emailing your question. Your recitation instructor will NOT respond to emails requiring long answers. Course Objectives. This course concerns the role of accounting information in the development of business decisions. We will study the process by which relevant accounting information is developed, strategic decisions are made and budgetary plans and reports are formulated. The course will also examine how to use managerial accounting information to evaluate the performance of organizational units and its role in providing appropriate incentives for management behavior. Much of the emphasis is upon effective business management. Class Sessions . Each student is enrolled in both a lecture and recitation section. Lectures meet once every week. Small-group recitation sections meet once every week as well. Recitation section instructors are the primary contact for the course and are available to help with questions and problems. In addition, the Student Academic Consulting Center promises to provide tutoring and review sessions for our course.
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2 Blackboard . Blackboard will be the primary method of communication outside the classroom and office hours. It is your responsibility to check the Blackboard site regularly .
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