ACC 2203 Syllabus Fall 2012 - TuTh

We will study the process by which relevant

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Unformatted text preview: sions. We will study the process by which relevant accounting information is developed, strategic decisions are made and budgetary plans and reports are formulated. The course will also examine how to use managerial accounting information to evaluate the performance of organizational units and its role in providing appropriate incentives for management behavior. Much of the emphasis is upon effective business management. Class Sessions. Each student is enrolled in both a lecture and recitation section. Lectures meet once every week. Small-group recitation sections meet once every week as well. Recitation section instructors are the primary contact for the course and are available to help with questions and problems. In addition, the Student Academic Consulting Center promises to provide tutoring and review sessions for our course. 1 Blackboard. Blackboard will be the primary method of communication outside the classroom and office hours. It is your responsibility to check the Blackboard site regula...
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