ArtSurveyClassNotes - What is Art?- Human effort to...

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Unformatted text preview: What is Art?- Human effort to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract the work of nature. o Imitate: Perceptual (physical reality) Naturalism Perceptual o Supplement, Alter, Counteract (Concepts or Ideas) Abstraction conceptual-The goal of every artist, in every period, in every work of art is: The representation of REALITY. Reality is relative to culture; when culture changes, reality changes, and art changes. WARHOL Marilyn Monroe DiVINCI Mona Lisa ARCHTYPES Archtypes are beautiful women relative to their time period. CONSTABLE The Haywain (15.10) MAOYE Beyond the Solitary Bamboo Grove (15.9) LANDSCAPES 15.10 is PERCEPTUAL. 15.9 is CONCEPTUAL. 12.9 DELACROIX Liberty Leading the People. IDEALIZATION=Personification. This piece is Political. 13.23 HAMILTON 1956. Just what is it that makes todays homes so different, so appealing. This was just after the war ended (1945) and the soldiers came home and got education and a home loan. This created a LOT of suburbs and middle class citizens. This middle class is educated and has money to spend on material goods. By the mid 50s for the first time there were women who bought more food at the supermarket that they grew in their gardens. Consumerism. This piece is Sociological. BRANCUSI The Kiss. This is realistic to BRANCUSI because it is how a third party would view the other two people kissing. They simply melt into each other and become almost one. Conceptual. RODIN The Kiss. This is more realistic. Perceptual. FLACK Energy Apples. Perceptual. KAHLO Naturaleza Viva. Conceptual. MAGRETTE This is Not a Pipe. This piece is both perceptual and conceptual. All art is artificial. 15.13 Ma Yuan Apricot Blossoms. Asymmetry. Informal Balance 15.14 Bruegel Little Bouquet in a Clay Jar. Symmetry. Formal Balance 11.2 Justinian mosaic from San Vitali. Idealism/Idealisation 12.12 LAWRENCE Toussaint #36. Expressionism/Emotion 4.4 POLLOCK Lucifer No n object ive Art What is Art? Art is lies that tell the truth. Pablo Picasso Form : The relationships of the FORMAL ELEMENTS and qualities, which make up a work of art. o Formal Elements : Line Shape Color Space Texture Volume Mass Time Motion Sound S In Non-Objective Works of art, the FORM becomes the CONTENT....
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ArtSurveyClassNotes - What is Art?- Human effort to...

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