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Review Sheet—Introduction to Archaeology Exam I Spring Term 2008 When: Thursday, February 14, 2008 Please be able to define and understand the relevance of the following: Basic Principles Define “archaeology” in situ How is the past linked to the present? Settlement pattern Assemblage Antiquarianism Law of superposition 19 th century evolution Horizontal and vertical excavations Culture History Ecofact Feature Artifact Ethnographic analogy Culture Anthropology Reconstruction Stratigraphy What are the four main opportunities for a career as a professional archaeologist? Olduvai & the First Technology Raymond Dart 3 important things about Olduvai discoveries? Louis Leakey Taung Child Australopithicus afarensis Oldowan Industry Hominid Homo habilis Cutmarks Human characteristics are? Percussion flaking Cranial endocast Lucy Pithicanthropus boisei Swartkrans Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania Fossilization Bipedalism
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This note was uploaded on 04/08/2008 for the course ARCH UNKNOWN taught by Professor Seeman during the Spring '08 term at Kent State.

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Review+Ex1+SPRING+2008 - Review Sheet-Introduction to...

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