4 two signals m1 t and m2 t with amplitude spectra m1

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Unformatted text preview: that the original message signal can be fully recovered. 4. Two signals m1 (t) and m2 (t) with amplitude spectra M1 (f ) and M2 (f ) given below are to be transmitted simultaneously over a channel by the multiplexing scheme shown in the block diagram below. The signal b(t) is the multiplexed signal, which is modulated by a carrier, resulting in the signal c(t) transmitted over a channel. (a) [15] Sketch the amplitude spectra of the signals a(t), b(t) and c(t) in the block diagram, respectively. Label the amplitude and the frequency axes. (b) [6] Determine the bandwidths of the signals a(t), b(t) and c(t), respectively. (c) [6] Design and sketch the block diagram of a receiver that will recover signals m1 (t) and m2 (t) from the modulated signal c(t). Specify the type and the cutoff frequency for every filter you use in your design, give the specifications for any other component you might use. 2 y Š Y Yˆ ˆ s “ y4‘‰6¤q£ u& H “ ‡…H “ 1{ Žj6w€$™q¢$q€4ƒŽ6Òq vvB˜— „  ˆ s £ h pj  ¬ s ~ ~j h † p f©¥¡ ©Ô Î  ¡ €3TbÎ ƒd (  v ‚F¨@ ©¡ ÖÎ ƒd p © ¡ €¥ G¦¥[email protected] vf © Î ¡( x ÖÍ ƒ‚yd ‚©F¥@ ¡x ( vw © h‹ ÖÎ vp¡ $†i u ‚©F¥$€i ¡h‹ Ȧ‡Ô3Î H ¡Î C  ™3³ ¡Î C Æ  t © ©Ô Î s &©%¥EÎ 3Žh€i Ô¡ ¦È€Ô3Î H ¡Î C '€3T ¡Î C Æ  © H ©Ô Î ‚©¥ 3Î Ògo Ô ¡iq 'pi%f hg ©Ô Î q ™3Õr ¡Î C  t ( “ © Ö ¡Î C  t “ © €&©¦¥¡ C © ¡ d ¨ b ¡ @a ÖÎ ƒeAc&©¦¥8¦` ‚©F¥¨@ ¡ hŽ4j¢$vBg66­ge Ó  qf koheˆ¯ s &©¦¥89Žh4ƒv•wŽSŒ ¡ @ j ef e  { &iŽs4v‡€$™q&£6€™Se&v$1Ó j ~ s i hjsp s s ˆ q w ¥ $™q£ “  U...
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