The in phase and quadrature components of are

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Unformatted text preview: mponents of . are , respectively. 1) Find the power spectral densities of , and 2) Determine the power of 3) Find the envelop function and . of . cos 2 4) Assume Find the envelop function Find the envelop of . , where A is a constant. . Problem 5 A noise process has a power spectral density given by 10 || , 10 1 0, || 10 || 10 This noise is passed through an ideal bandpass filter with a bandwidth of 2 MHz, centered at 50 MHz. 1) Find the power of the output process . 2) Write the output process in terms of the in-phase and quadrature components, , and find the power in each component. 3) Find the power spectral densities of and . 4) Now assume that the filter is not an ideal filter and is decribed by | | || Repeat Questions 1), 2) and 3). 49 0, , 49 || 51 and Problem 6 In a broadcasting communication system, the transmitter power attenuation is 80 dB (the attenuation in dB between computed as 10 / is 40 KW, the channel and the received signal power ), and the noise power spectral density is 10 is W/Hz. The 10 Hz. message signal has a bandwidth 1) Find the predetection signal...
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