Lecture 10 (Matter cycles)

Biogeochemical cycles closing comments matter is

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Unformatted text preview: plays a crucial role in the cycle. Biogeochemical Cycles – Closing Comments: Matter is continuously recycled in the ecosphere via ● biological processes ● chemical processes ● geological processes ● physical processes Matter can neither be created nor destroyed and Earth is a closed system with respect to matter. The ecosphere must make do with the limited resources that are already here. Ecosphere continuously receives solar energy, which flows through the ecosphere providing ● warmth for the atmosphere and oceans ● energy for the hydrologic cycle ● food for living organisms via photosynthesis Each time energy is transformed, some of it is degraded into low quality (useless) heat. Energy is not recycled. Key feature of biogeochemical cycles: 'bio' part, i.e. the important role played by life itself in establishing prevailing environmental conditions......
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