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10 final in class examination to be given on friday

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Unformatted text preview: pleting all readings and bringing the text(s) to class; participating in group work and peer review; showing up on time. 10% Midterm. In- class examination, to take place on Tuesday, March 25. 60% Papers. These include: two short response papers (each worth 10% of this grade); a three page paper written on a prompt: either a close reading of a poem or a literary interpretation of a short story (30%); and a research assignment on Benito Cereno made up of multiple graded parts (including a mandatory rough draft) that, all together, total eight pages (50%). Details about specific assignments will be distributed in class and posted on Blackboard. 10% Final. In- class examination, to be given on Friday, May 23 from 11:30am- 1:30pm. *Attendance is mandatory. Students are allowed two unexcused absences over the cour...
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