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Lecture+18+Citric+acid+cycle notes

Oxidize gtp 3 pyruvate is oxidized to acetyl group

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Unformatted text preview: of thioester bond the cycle. oxidize GTP 3 pyruvate is oxidized to acetyl group. oxidize This page will be given 4 you to on your midterm and final. transient intermediate decarboxylate main thing=making reduced cofactors under some circumstances you couldn't get cycle to work but when you add oxaloacetate labeled Why this baroque mechanism? Aconitase Goal: capture energy from: acetyl assymetrical molecule 2 C02 1. One GTP made: equivalent to one ATP GTP + ADP nucleoside diphosphate kinase any time you go through a symmetric intermediate the radio label gets scrambled GDP + ATP 2. Lots of reduced cofactors produced. Their reducing power can be converted to ATP. one half dagger at eact position becase the molecule is symmetrical Isotopic labeling experiments. •Synthesize an intermediate labeled with 14C at a specific position •Add to cell extract, isolate cycle intermediates, analyze for label. •See figure for fate of carbons * and † none are radiolabeled •isotope experiments appeared to show the cycle as drawn cou...
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