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Unformatted text preview: e from the OEDS to discuss options (informal, formal) for proceeding. The Title IX and Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) coordinator is the associate director of equal opportunity in the OEDS and may be contacted at 703-993-8730 or 703-993-8787 (TTY). The complainant is not required to follow the informal procedure before filing a formal complaint. The respondent (the individual accused of discrimination) will be notified of the complaint within 10 working days after it is filed. Options Informal: Discuss allegations and concerns with respondent (the accused) and attempt to resolve the situation. The respondent is reminded that George Mason University expects all to adhere to its equal opportunity policies. The respondent is put on notice that his or her behavior has been questioned and informal resolution is sought, if possible. If attempts to resolve the situation are not successful, the complainant may pursue a formal complaint. The OEDS reserves the right to investigate any allegation brought forward if it finds sufficient information to indicate a serious or continuing violation of the equal opportunity policy. Formal: A full investigation is conducted by the OEDS complete with written findings. If a violati...
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