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Unformatted text preview: g the integrity of the learning and testing process. They should explain at the beginning of each semester what would be considered an integrity violation in their course. Special attention should be given to the subject of plagiarism. V. Procedures for Reporting Violations Suspected violations should be reported to the Honor Committee in a timely manner using forms provided by 62 Appeals must be submitted in writing within seven business days of the hearing. Appeals can be granted only on the basis of new evidence, procedural irregularity, or other grounds of sufficient gravity to call into serious doubt the original hearing panel’s decision. The decision to accept or deny the appeal will be made by three Honor Committee members who have had no prior contact with the case. X. Amendments The Honor Committee, by majority vote, may approve proposed amendments to the Honor Code. The proposed amendments will be submitted to the student population at the next spring election where they must be approved for implementation by a two-thirds majority of those voting. For information, go to honorco...
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