At mason our motto is where innovation is tradition

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Unformatted text preview: less ways to benefit. At Mason, our motto is “Where Innovation Is Tradition.” Mason is unique because although we are a relatively young institution, we are growing at a tremendous rate. Thus, we encourage you to seek the best way to leave your mark here. Whether it’s by playing a Division I sport or publishing your thesis, we encourage you to challenge yourself and make this experience the best it can be. You are responsible for blazing your own path here; we (along with this handbook) are merely here to point you in the right direction. Challenge yourself to approach every task with the same passion, energy, and excitement you had when you stepped on campus for the first time. As your Student Government president and vice president, we are eager to see the impact you will have during your tenure at Mason. We encourage you to reach out to us whether it is to ask a simple question or challenge us on one of our initiatives. We are here to represent your voice, and we want to be sure to d...
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