Clusters of residents will share common living rooms

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Unformatted text preview: are located on each ground floor. 31 University Services and Offices Presidents Park, 703-993-2750 Commonwealth and Dominion, located in the DUCC area, are five-story buildings consisting of suite-style, double-occupancy rooms. Together, they house 500 residents. The first floor of each building includes a reception area, lounge, vending, and laundry facilities. Each of the other floors has two wings with central elevators and a study lounge. Sophomores mostly live in these four buildings. Northern Neck, an apartment-style building with kitchens and living rooms, is home to upper-class students residing in single and double bedrooms. leader. It provides leadership training, resources, services, and recognition to encourage students to become socially conscious leaders and civically engaged citizens. I Eastern Shore, located between the Chesapeake community and Patriot Circle, opened in July 2009. Up to four residents share a bathroom in these suitestyle accommodations that are home to almost 200 students. Clusters of residents will share common living rooms, kitchens, and study spaces, creating an ideal design for some of our LLCs. Hampton Roads opened in the 2010 summe...
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