Crosspoint baptist ministry 4601 roberts road fairfax

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Unformatted text preview: Patriot meals roll over from the fall into the spring semester. All meals must be consumed by the end of the spring semester. Meal Plan Office, SUB II, Room 1014J, 703-993-2870, Ministry Campus Ministry includes 13 spiritual groups that offer opportunities for pastoral counseling, retreats, scripture study, prayer and worship, peace and justice education, social interaction, and fellowship. These ministries include some of the most involved student groups on campus and can be contacted at the main office in SUB I, Room 207, or at 703-993-3322. Baha’i Campus Ministry, 703-993-1122 Baptist Crosspoint Ministry, 703-993-3323 Campus Crusade for Christ, 703-993-3323 Catholic Campus Ministry, 703-993-3322 Chi Alpha, 703-993-3323 Coalition for Christian Fellowship, 703-993-3323 Hillel Jewish Center, 703-993-3321 Immanuel Christian Fellowship, 703-993-3323 Lutheran Campus Ministry, 703-993-3323 Muslim Campus Ministry, 703-993-3323 Orthodox Christian Fellowship, 703-993-3323 Patriot Christian Ministry, 703-993-3323 United College Ministries, 703-993-3323 37 University Services and Offices Meal Plans *Ultimate allows for unlimited entry into Southside exclusively. **Freedom Plans are an upper-level student option, not a freshman option. Crosspoint Baptist Ministry 4601 Roberts Road Fairfax, Virginia 22030 703-425-4522 St. Robert Bellarmine Chapel and Catholic Student Center...
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