Department advising once students have declared a

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Unformatted text preview: ary reason for attending George Mason University is appeal processes. Academic Advising All students are encouraged to consult with their advisors concerning course registration, major and career progress, and graduation plans. Required Advising: Students should read the Academic Advisor’s Permission to Register section in the University Catalog to find out when they are required to obtain their advisor’s approval for registering. Advising is required for students in some schools and departments and under certain circumstances. Department Advising: Once students have declared a major, they are advised by advisors in their departments. Since the advising process differs in each department, students should inquire about the advising procedures in their departments and see their advisors regularly. Academic Advising Center: Professional staff members from the Academic Advising Center advise students who have not declared a major or are considering a change of major. Premed advising is also provided. Scheduled and walk-in advising is ava...
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