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Unformatted text preview: ls and wireless Internet capability in the facility, students may use their laptops to access the Internet and other electronic information systems, including Polaris, the library’s online catalog. Program Board: This student-run programming entity of the campus is housed on the second floor. Meeting Rooms: All meeting rooms hold 50 to 60 people and have multimedia capabilities. Sid and Reva Dewberry Hall: This dividable room, which features a portable stage, can provide row seating for 1,000 and table seating for 500. Study Areas: The building has table seating for approximately 2,200 people, including 900 library table seats, 250 food court seats on the atrium floor, table and lounge seating overlooking the atrium on each level, and 10 study and meeting lounges with access to both power and wireless Internet. Quiet Meditation Space: Located in the third floor Northeast Lounge, this space is designed to allow anyone desiring to have quiet time to meditate and is open to all. Foot Washing Basin: Located in the atrium-level restrooms, thes...
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