It is the policy of george mason university to make

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Unformatted text preview: ions are offered during the summer. Attendance Policy Students are expected to attend the class periods of the courses for which they register. Although absence alone is not a reason for lowering a grade, students are not relieved of the obligation to fulfill course assignments, including those that can be fulfilled only in class. In particular, a student who misses an exam without an excuse may have the course grade lowered. Students who fail to participate (by virtue of extensive absences) in courses in which participation is a factor in evaluation may have their grades lowered. It is the policy of George Mason University to make every reasonable effort to allow members of the university community to observe their religious holidays without academic penalty. However, absence from classes or examinations for religious reasons does not relieve students from responsibility for any part of the course work required during the period of absence. Students who expect to miss classes, examinations, or assignments as a consequence of thei...
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