Members of the committee will also serve on hearing

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Unformatted text preview: t of the skills and support needed to change risk behaviors is a significant component of the program. Another purpose of this universitywide education program is to ensure the protection of the individual rights of all members of the campus community and the preparation of individuals to act in a responsible manner. Discrimination against persons who are HIV-positive or who may have AIDS is incompatible with the goals of George Mason University and will not be tolerated. Persons in the university community who need assistance in dealing with issues related to HIV/AIDS are encouraged to seek the confidential services of the university’s Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Health Services, Health Education Services, future HIV/AIDS personnel, and a variety of community agencies. Students, faculty, and staff who are HIVpositive or who live with AIDS will be able to remain in the university community as long as they are physically and mentally able to perform their roles. The confidenti...
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