Recent counseling groups have covered such topics as

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Unformatted text preview: ability to succeed in school. CAPS staff members consult and collaborate with students, faculty, and staff in providing a coordinated response to resolving student adjustment and performance issues. Services include individual counseling; learning and study skills programs; multicultural peer support; personal development workshops and groups; multimedia information resources; consultation with faculty, staff, and students; crisis consultation; and preprofessional training for graduate students. Psychological Services Individual and group counseling allow students to address issues such as educational and academic goals, academic adjustment, family and relationship concerns, traumatic experiences, managing feelings, substance abuse, and sexual identity issues. Recent counseling groups have covered such topics as relationships; personal growth; cultural adjustment for international students; food, body image, and self-esteem; sexual orientation; and a group for women 26 dealing with sexual abuse or assault or other traumas. Services are confidential. Personal development works...
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