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Unformatted text preview: ar’s website (registrar. for each term. All schedule adjustments that do not require written permission must be processed using Patriot Web. Withdrawals Students may drop some or all of their classes until the last day to drop published in the Schedule of Classes. An open withdrawal period between the end of the drop period and the end of the ninth week of full-semester classes will allow undergraduate students to withdraw from a limited number of classes without dean’s approval and at the students’ own discretion. Otherwise, withdrawal requires dean’s approval and is allowed only for nonacademic reasons. See the full description for selective withdrawal policies and procedures in the University Catalog. Re-admission after Attending Another College or University A student returning to Mason following an absence during which he or she studied at another institution, without prior written permission of his or her academic dean or director, is considered a transfer student and must reapply to th...
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