Selection for these positions is competitive all

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Unformatted text preview: through exciting programs such as Mason Madness (the kickoff to the basketball season), Mason Family Book Presentation, and a well-known comedian. We also provide a monthly family newsletter to continue involvement with the campus community. Please visit for more details on the services offered. Leadership Development: You Polo The Leadership Development Program in OFPS is designed to facilitate the student development process through concrete experience and reflection. Each leadership role is critical to the success of our department’s coordinated initiatives and allows for each student to be accountable to his or her individual learning process. We are committed to measuring and identifying concrete experience that aids each of our students in the successful articulation of the learned outcomes associated with his or her leadership position. The OFPS Student Leader Team comprises several leadership positions: orientation coordinator(s), orientation assistant(s), senior office spet(s), family program coordinator(s), Patriot Leader(s), office spet(s), and special project coordinator(s). Combined, this talented and committed group of student leaders contributes meaningfully to the student and family transition process, the campus climate, an...
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