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Unformatted text preview: bsite. A checking account is necessary for this refund option. Direct deposit refunds are not available for Parent PLUS loans. Financial Aid Refunds Credit balances from financial aid awards will automatically generate a refund check, which is mailed to the address on file with the university or sent via direct deposit if authorized by the student. A Refund Request Form is not needed for financial aid disbursement refunds. Penalties A late registration fee of $125 is automatically assessed to students who add their first class for the semester on the first day of classes or after. It does not apply to students already enrolled prior to the start of classes who make schedule adjustments. Late registration fees are nonrefundable and will not be removed, regardless of enrollment status. Failure to make any payment on or before the due date results in a late payment fee that is 10 percent of the balance due up to $125. Registrations will not be canceled for nonpayment. Students must drop...
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