The oeds investigates such complaints of

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Unformatted text preview: ing days from the filing of a formal complaint, including notification of the parties of the outcome of the investigation. In extraordinary circumstances, OEDS reserves the right to extend this time to a reasonable period. All parties will be notified if such an extension is necessary. Many factors can interfere with an investigative fact finder’s commitment to complete a determination promptly, including unavailability of witnesses or the complexity of the issues involved. The OEDS will maintain contact with the complainant and respondent throughout the course of the investigation to keep them up to date on the process. IV. Confidentiality The OEDS takes any allegation of discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation seriously and is committed to protecting the integrity of the investigation process, including confidentiality and the due process rights of all individuals. Note that all those involved (the respondent, the complainant, and the witnesses) have privacy interests. Therefore, outside the scope of the investigation, all parties are cautioned not to publicize or divulge the nature of the proce...
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