The beer or wine must be sold by dining services a

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Unformatted text preview: g prescribed medications or operating a motor vehicle should avoid drinking alcohol. Long-term or heavy use of alcohol is linked to cancer, heart and liver damage, and other serious illness. Tolerance, physical, and psychological dependence can develop. The potential for health problems can also develop from the use of nicotine or caffeine products. Illicit drugs have more than legal consequences; they create specific health and ethical risks that can lead to dangerous consequences and/or unhealthy dependent behavior. Use of alcohol or any other drug in a manner that leads to impairment or intoxication is unhealthy and risky, and should be avoided and discouraged. Those in need of assistance with alcohol and other drug problems are encouraged to contact the university’s Office of Alcohol, Drug, and Health Education. III. General Regulations for University Offices, Student Organizations, or Contract Groups A. University regulations prohibit the possession or consumption of any alcoholic beverage on university ground unless...
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