The proposed amendments will be submitted to the

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Unformatted text preview: ee and the vice president for university life, will provide administrative assistance for the committee business. The hearing panel may impose oral and written reprimands and other such nonacademic sanctions as they deem proportionate to the offense. It can recommend sanctions that involve reduced grades to the course professor. Recommendations for nonacademic suspension and nonacademic dismissal are forwarded to the provost’s delegate. In determining sanctions, panel members should keep in mind the nonpunitive educational purpose of the Honor Code process. III. Responsibilities of the Students IX. Appeals II. Honor Committee Officers Students should request an explanation of any aspect of the professor’s policies regarding the Honor Code they do not fully understand. They also have an obligation not only to follow the code themselves, but also to encourage respect among their fellow students for the provisions of the code. This includes an obligation to report violations by other students to the Honor Committee. IV. Responsibilities of the Faculty Faculty members have a responsibility for maintainin...
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