The university will consider requests to extend this

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Unformatted text preview: ging party prevails in the original charge. No agent, employee, or student of the university may harass, coerce, intimidate, or discriminate against an individual who has filed an Equal Opportunity complaint or participated in the Equal Opportunity complaint resolution process. Charges of retaliation will be treated as separate and distinct from the original charges and allegations and will be investigated by the OEDS. Those in a supervisory position must monitor the academic or work environment to ensure that it is free from retaliation. The Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Grievance Procedure may be found at policies_grievance.htm. III. Filing Process Complaints must be filed with the OEDS. Complainants will be asked to complete a form describing the alleged discrimination and/or harassment. Assistance will be arranged, if needed. I. Scope This procedure applies to all George Mason University faculty, staff, students, university contractors, and visitors. II. Policy Statement 59 University Policies The Equal Opportunity/Af...
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