Use andor possession and distribution of prescription

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Unformatted text preview: University students. Action under the University Judicial Code will neither prejudice nor be prejudiced by action taken in the criminal justice system. The abuse of drugs and alcohol by members of the George Mason University community is incompatible with the goals of the university. By defining standards of behavior and providing educational programs to create an awareness of drug and alcohol-related problems, the university attempts to prepare individuals to act responsibly. Those in need of assistance are encouraged to seek confidential assistance from the university’s Office of Alcohol, Drug, and Health Education. 5. The housing status of a resident student found in violation of a campus drug regulation will be determined by the hearing officer. Guests and visitors found responsible of violating a campus drug regulation while in a residence hall will likely be issued a trespass order prohibiting their presence in any and all residential buildings of the George Mason University campuses. This trespass order will b...
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